Key Features
  • Intelligent, realtime cyberspace protection for your security and privacy with no loss of performance
  • Blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, tracking before it gets on your device
  • Provides safe web browsing – warns of risky sites
  • Blocks most ads seemlessly
  • Privacy assured
  • Simple to install
  • Do you know how private your internet browsing really is?
  • Do you know that every second you are on-line companies are tracking you and building up a “profile” of you activities, which they can then sell on to other companies.
  • Do you know that very sensitive information is often collected, including health and financial data.
  • We never keep logs of our customers activity
Common Cyber Threats
  • Phishing is a cyber attack where the malicious hacker sends a fake email with a link or attachment in order to trick the receiving user into clicking them. In most cases, either the link launches a malware infection, or the attachment itself is a malware file.
  • Ransomware is usually delivered via a phishing e-mail and is the most prevalent form of cyber attack. It involves encrypting your data and un-encrypting  it in return for money
  • It has been estimated that there are in excess of 50,000 new malware attacks daily
  • The good news is that Pivot Security can detect suspicious data  and works to protect your devices. Its knowledge increases with experience.
  • People are the weakest link in the protection of their devices from cyber attacks through lack of knowledge and especially when tired
  • Our AI, Pivot Security is an expert and never needs rest