Why choose us?

We created Pivot Security with you the individual in mind. Increasing threats from malware, spyware, identity and bank a/c theft originating from 24/7 online exposure, prompted us to respond with our innovative AI driven product. Pivot Security investigates the potential dangers in cyberspace for you, before you click the wrong link or make that wrong download.

Pivot Security is like having an “army” of investigators working on your behalf, to provide the most comprehensive defence of your data privacy and security on-line by identifying online  threats in realtime before they strike.

It stops you from opening malware in e-mails, websites and social media.

It is suitable for any desktop or mobile device including smart phones and tablets irrespective of operating system.

Some day all cybersecurity will be like this.


Choose your package

Monthly Plan


Per Month

  • €11.95 billed every month

1 Year Plan


Per Month

  • €143.40 €83.40 billed every 12 months

6 Months Plan


Per Month

  • €71.70 €59.00 billed every 6 months

Features of Pivot Security

  • Provides intelligent realtime cyber security & privacy
  • Stops you from accidentally opening malware links
  • Blocks Tracking (eg. sites following what you do on-line)
  • Blocks hackers from stealing your identity
  • Stops key logging (eg. prevents passwords  & bank a/c details being stolen)
  • Stops unauthorised use of your device (eg. crypto mining, use of your camera)
  • Blocks any suspect sites before they can infect your device
  • Blocks you from accidentally downloading malware
  • Blocks advertisements
  • Suitable for any device (iPad, tablet, desktop, iPhone or smartphone)
  • Suitable for any operating system (Android, OS, Microsoft)
  • Simple to install
  • Protects your privacy (eg. prevents spying)
  • Anonymity assured
  • You choose your level of protection
  • Responds to cyber threats in realtime
  • We never keep logs of our customers activity